EUROPEAN CREATIVE BUSINESS NETWORK (ECBN) is a diverse network of over 180 CCI-oriented organisations active throughout the EU and beyond — all membership-based networks or stakeholders, with reaches of up to 40.000, encompassing nearly 250.000 creative professionals. ECBN maintains a registry of roughly 2.000 CCI-oriented entities, and its combined communications — social media, webinars, seminars, and meetings like the annual European Creative Industries Summit — reach over 1.8 million people. As part of the Leader Group for the “Pact For skills”, ECBN enables a large-scale partnership of the CCI sector to develop a unified vision for upskilling and reskilling creative talent. In [PACESETTERS], ECBN will contribute hands-on  business expertise across all work packages and lead WP4 Multiplication and Dissemination.