FRAUNHOFER GESELLSCHAFT (FHG) is Europe’s largest organisation of applied research, with 75 institutes, 29.000 employees, and annual budget of €2.8B. Of these institutes, 22 operate in the field of cultural heritage research and creative industry. This includes development of strategies methodologies and advanced materials for protecting cultural objects and sites from climate change. Fraunhofer is deeply engaged in implementing sustainability criteria into operational procedures and the green transitioning of industrial sectors. Fraunhofer was the first research organisation in Europe to deliver a sustainability report (2013) with a special focus on climate adaption. Fraunhofer would like to bring this experience into the CCI sector. Fraunhofer is dealing with cultural heritage issues at all levels, from working with primary researchers to the EU’s political level; the reach of its professional networks is deep, broad, and global. It has extensive experience organizing and/or coordinating EU cultural heritage–related projects, notably Climate for Culture, the first large scale research project on climate change impacts on cultural heritage. Furthermore, Johanna  Leissner from FHG is the chair of the EU OMC Expert Group of Member States on Strengthening cultural heritage for climate change in PACESETTERS, FRAUNHOFER will contribute their expertise on implementation of sustainability strategies, climate change and cultural heritage.