UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI G.D'ANNUNZIO CHIETI PESCARA Ud’A is a research university with strong competences in trans-disciplinary evaluation of the impacts of cultural and creative production and participation. Ud’A can contribute to increase the understanding of the challenges and opportunities for the CCIs in relation to a sustainable climate transition with research on the attitudes and behaviour changes of all key stakeholders and of citizens towards key topics and dilemmas concerning the climate transition: circular economy, energy and resource saving, responsible mobility, just to name a few. Ud’A can provide research and knowledge on behavioural change assessment and quantification of its social and economic effects to support innovative businesses to drive a sustainable climate transition. By providing creative and cultural actors with a toolbox of sophisticated techniques to assess the effectiveness of policy interventions and cultural projects Ud’A can help preparing the European CCIs to adapt to and contribute to the climate transition.