AKADEMIA SZTUK PIĘKNYCH IM. JANA MATEJKI W KRAKOWIE (ASP): founded in 1818 is the oldest art academy in Poland. It hosts #StreamArtStudio and UKRAiNATV – an experimental research and performative hub, collective and cross-sectoral project in the field of media culture, hybrid togetherness and stream-art (as a new, original field of expression, didactic and research). It deals with new relational strategies, pop-up audio-visual production and dynamic circulations of signals in virtual productions. It is an Internet TV station specialized in building live audio-visual bridges, a multi-channel streaming hub, recording studio and “glocal” network, and last but not least a group of people. It is an open, international collective, crew of artists, media freaks, activists, researchers, musicians and DJs from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Italy and multiple other countries – persons in-needs, refugees, nomadic artists, techno freaks, expats and migrants that do not feel safe to express themselves freely in their own country or states (taking this term in all meanings) and who are finding new opportunities in these experimental frames. In [PACESETTERS] ASP and UKRAiNATV will contribute to task T2.4, and to the implementation of the ambitious communication and dissemination strategy.