NORWEGIAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (NTNU) is not only one of the largest technical universities in Northern Europe but also covers all 13 sectors of the CCIs in educational programs across all faculties. The university hosts an excellence cluster in entrepreneurship and leads countless initiatives in innovation, start-up culture and cross-disciplinary collaboration. NTNU has a strong background in art and technology alliances, as well as longstanding experience and capacities in coordinating ambitious research projects across all faculties. NTNU joined the New European Bauhaus as an official partner as early as March 2021. Most recently, NTNU’s Faculty of Architecture and Design coordinates three consortia in NEB related Horizon Europe projects. NTNU is one of the founding partners of EIT Culture & Creativity, spearheading an alliance across the Norwegian CCI ecosystem. As the coordinator of [PACESETTERS] NTNU will lead WP5: Project management and coordination. With its manifold capacities, ranging from green technologies to the social sciences, entrepreneurial training and across fine art and performing arts, NTNU will contribute extensively and intensively to the research capacities of [PACESETTERS].