For 30 years FUNDACIÓN GENALGUACIL PUEBLO MUSEO (FGPM) has been situating and co-creating programs to mobilise creative production to drive equitable societal transformation. Located in the Municipality of Genalguacil, a remote and rural community of 471 inhabitants, in the Valle del Genal, Spain, it offers a microcosm of complexity and the interrelations of the human and non-human and a sample for research and the process of complex transformation. FGPM is an open-source studio and museum and actively engages citizens from artists and artisans to civil servants. It is a learning by doing space that is ground in turning challenges into opportunities. FGPM programs foster cooperation, situate production and share experience — to drive a collective process of change through art, nature, tradition and culture. As such FGPM has a live portfolio of actives and examples — that demonstrate how CCIs can be part of turning challenges into opportunities for a sustainable climate transition. In [PACESETTERS] FGPM leads task T2.2.