Entrepreneur and Mayor of Genalguacil

Miguel Ángel Herrera Gutiérrez, born in November 1977, transitioned from a rural upbringing to engaging in entrepreneurship and public service. His trajectory from rural to urban environments sparked a curiosity for global perspectives. Initially aspiring to become an inventor, he pursued studies in electronic engineering while fostering a passion for business. At the age of 22, he established his first supermarket, launching a career in food, catering, and distribution. In 2011, he unexpectedly assumed the role of mayor of Genalguacil, leveraging his entrepreneurial acumen to revitalize the municipality. Notable achievements include the reopening of the Museum of Contemporary Art and spearheading cultural initiatives, positioning Genalguacil as a hub for contemporary art in Andalusia. His leadership led to the professionalization of artistic events, the creation of cultural festivals, and recognition by the Cultural Observatory of Spain. Today, the Genalguacil Pueblo Museo project stands as a benchmark for rural innovation and combating depopulation in Europe, underscoring Miguel Ángel's commitment to sustainable development and cultural promotion.