FEDERACIÓN ANDALUZA DE MUNICIPIOS Y PROVINCIAS (FAMP) The Federación Andaluza de Municipios y Provincias, is a non-profit organization constituted in March 1985, and nowadays has more than 780 affiliated local bodies. FAMP is an association of local governments in Andalucía and, as such, it represents most municipalities in Andalucía (more than 95%), as well as other local authorities (Provincial Councils and commonwealths). FAMP has established a Municipal Observatory for the transition to the Circular Economy OMECA, to guide all the municipalities in the region on the path towards a more sustainable economy. Two years ago, FAMP launched the Andalucía Green Deal Committee, which leads the process of defining, developing and activating projects of value, applicable to all types of municipalities. FAMP can inspire the design of public policies and resources that are committed to helping CCIs prepare to adapt and also to invest in this space that allows sustainability and the growth of social innovation in favour of equal opportunities and social and territorial cohesion. In [PACESETTERS] FAMP focuses on the real-world laboratory in Valle de Genal (T2.2).