Roman Dziadkiewicz is an artist, curator, researcher, educator. He is co-founder of UKRAiNATV, Head of #StreamArtStudio and the Studio of Stream Practices (as a class) at the Art Academy in Krakow.

Initially active at the intersection of art and political activism linked to alter-globalist movements and relational art. Over time, he developed long term art and research projects and collective transdisciplinary processes (for example "Study of Mud" (2011), "Misfits (War)"(2012), or "Superficiology" (2014-16). He combines tools from the fields of art, cultural studies, philosophy, media and institutional criticism. In recent years, he and his collaborators have developed an original model of stream-art in which the dispositions of people, machines, data and avatars combine and influence each other in mutual interactions and constant, multidirectional circulation i times and spaces. The realization and area testing the capacity of this formula is UKRAiNATV and the ongoing activities of the #StreamArtStudio, which Dziadkiewicz currently runs in Krakow together with international and interdysciplinary crew. Both are also an initial hub for the European Stream Art Network {E S N W} that have started in 2023 in collaboration with partners in Amsterdam, Kyiv, Budapest, Trondheim and few others.