Co-creating capacities to anticipate future strategies of valorisation 
The overall objective is to develop models to highlight and scale the contributions of the CCIs to the Green Deal objectives based on an all-encompassing view of how the CCIs proactively take part in knowledge creation and valorisation processes.

PACESETTERS will investigate in depth and detail how micro- and SMEs in CCIs can achieve greater economic sustainability. This includes knowledge and support in terms of wider and deeper social and environmental sustainability in society at large. PACESETTERS will develop and share knowledge needed to support entrepreneurs in the CCIs, informed by the specificities of creative practices and creative ecosystems. This will foster far greater economic sustainability and enhance the CCIs’ capacity to contribute to the climate transition. Creative practice is the wellspring from which renewed orientations towards collective life in the face of the climate crisis will be found. 

Kickstarting processes to re-contextualise innovation 
Connecting existing platforms, resources and capacities as well as synthesising them in support modules that apply the main outcomes of the 12 creative case studies across sectors and the 12 experiments in the three real-world laboratories. Developing a set of at least 10 key readiness criteria and stress-testing them before they are revised through six “Local Impact Academies” and presented at a “Creative Transformation Summit”. This objective is part of a deliberately circular approach aimed at ensuring that the value of the case studies and laboratories can be regenerated as a form of stimulation and support for new work and new initiatives in the sites of the experiments and beyond.

Building communities across sectors and geographies to push the pace of the transition
Building local and trans-local creative communities on the basis of the outcomes of cases, approaches and experiments. Bundling knowledge, experience and expertise across new divisions and aggregations of creative labour, amplifying emerging value propositions and shifting perspectives from individual intentions to knowledge valorisation processes through multi-actor collaborations. This objective will be achieved by a model of a trans-local and cross-sectoral platform cooperative engaging at least 500 creatives, SMEs and networks across the CCIs. 

Proposing a knowledge and evidence-based transformation framework
Synthesising the experiences of pre-accelerators in the local contexts of the three real-world laboratories and turning them into models for pushing the pace of artistic entrepreneurship in the climate transition, “enabling fast paced interactions and problem-solution validation”. Exemplifying and anticipating valorisation strategies as circular processes by engaging a multiplicity of actors, sectors and disciplines and documenting it in a playbook for co-driving the climate transition. This objective will be achieved by interacting with at least 1000 stakeholders involved, facilitated by at least 12 robust strategic alliances across creative and knowledge ecosystems. Ultimately, it will become measurable according to the added value constituted and created by the potential to drive the transition.