My name is not important, but you can call me Setto. I am a half-Swiss, half-Swedish multidisciplinary artist and activist.

I spent my formative years in Sweden but moved to Switzerland when I was a child. Later i moved to Spain to work as a free-lance graphic designer and music producer in the thriving scene of Electronic music of Barcelona. These moves helped me develop my interest for different languages, and today I speaks five fluently. But i prefer listening. Schooled in graphic design at École Cantonale d'Art du Vallais (Swiss Art-school) and raised by a Computer Engineering mother, I've been active on the Internet since 1996. Free/Libre Open Source Software- and DIY-advocate, I am currently a resident community organizer and tone architect at and maintainer of the non-profit digital record- label and artist-management foundation called Basspistol. When I am not working, I spend most of my time writing music, poetry, animating 3D graphics or experimenting with my GNU+Linux boxes. In life, I aspire for wisdom in foolish ways and regard naivete as an astute way to shield off cynicism. I value my integrity and move by feet in the streets.