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Park Sanssouci, Orangerieschloss, An der Orangerie 3-5, 14469 Potsdam, DE
Orangerieschloss Sanssouci

Breaking news: PACESETTERS will launch its Open Call for Advanced and Emerging Practices at the Green Cultures Festival in Potsdam. The walk through Park Sanssouci starts at 15:30 local time at the Elephant at the Green Culture contact point.

Man-made climate change is jeopardising many cultural institutions and offerings. Our parks and gardens are also feeling the effects. Extreme heat, intense sunlight and persistent drought have been affecting vegetation for years. Around 80 per cent of the trees in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Park Sanssouci are at risk as a result.

What solutions does culture have to adapt to the consequences of climate change? What strategies are gardens and parks, for example, using to respond to the consequences of climate change? What approaches have other cultural sectors found? And how can we learn from each other? What structures are needed for this? What can politicians do and what approaches are being discussed in the associations and by experts to make our cultural infrastructure fit for the future?

The two-day programme takes place at various locations throughout Sanssouci Park in Potsdam. It is organised by the Green Culture contact point. More than 100 projects and initiatives will present their activities. 

Collaborative event