Teresa is the former General Secretary of FAMP, now working in the Directorate of the Department of Programs, Equality Policies and Networks

Teresa was born in Úbeda (Jaén). Degree in Geography and History of the University of Granda and Expert in Gender and Equality of Opportunities of the University of Seville. Her career has been linked to the local world since 1992 and will be at the beginning of 1997 when she arrives at the Andalusia Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. In 2000 he took charge of the direction of the Department of Equality and Network Policies, today of Programmes, Equality Policies and Networks; as responsible for strategic planning activities, design, implementation, public/private marketing, evaluation and monitoring of projects linked to the areas of: Equal Opportunities for women and men, Gender Violence, Culture and Historical Heritage, Tourism, Consumption, Local Governance - Citizen Participation and Local Volunteering, Public Health, R&D&i, New Technologies for Information and Communication, Sustainable Development and Environment, both at the Autonomous and European levels. Between February 2017 and October 2023 she has been the General Secretary of the FAMP. As of November 2023, she has returned to the Directorate of the Department of Programs, Equality Policies and Networks. From a commitment to “the local”, she works to build bridges and generate alliances that make possible a strong, innovative, sustainable, integrative Local Administration without gender violence.