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A Working Group (ES) made up of representatives of the 4 helixes of public innovation (Public Administrations, Universities, Sector Associations, Professionals and Experts). 

To help in the development of a multilevel and multi-stakeholder governance process. 

An Autonomous Group to support and validate the work to be carried out in the Rural Innovation Laboratory that the Foundation has been entrusted with; as well as to help the FAMP: 

- the good development of the project, generating instruments, tools and documents of theoretical-practical positioning that strengthen the partnership. 

- To help the promotion and revitalisation of a diverse cultural ecosystem in the rural environment that cultural offer, strengthening the cultural and creative sector and generating employment opportunities, thanks to the employment opportunities, thanks to the Project as an instrument for action. 

- Contribute to the strengthening of the professional fabric, the improvement of employability in the sector, the increase of its competitiveness and the promotion of strategies aligned with the objectives of digitalisation, territorial cohesion, gender equality, diversity, inclusion and the Green Pact, set by the EU, in the cultural and creative industries, in rural regions. 

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