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How can art and culture, heritage and creativity drive the climate transition? PACESETTERS invites strategic collaboration partners and everyone who is interested in a series of information sessions in which the forthcoming Open Call for Emegering, Advanced and Novel Practices will be presented and discussed. 

We want to collect good examples and lessons learned, failures and success stories, new ideas and practical proposals from all fields: from architecture to music, from design to literature, from fashion to coding, from theatre to game development.

The idea is to learn as much as possible from what has already been proposed, tried or implemented. This means 

  • Analysing and demonstrating the impact of these efforts in order to encourage uptake;
  • Translating and transferring experiences across sectors, actors and disciplines;
  • Stimulating and inspiring new ideas and novel approaches.


We will document, map and visualise the full range of different efforts in the field of arts, culture and creativity to respond to the challenges of climate change. The result will be an interactive map of projects and proposals from all cultural and creative sectors.

Collaborative event